5 Tips for Enjoying Pregnancy

5 Tips for Enjoying Pregnancy



February 2018 marked my first year of remission. This just so happened to be the same month my ovaries decided it was time to bring a mini me into the world. Finding out I was pregnant brought in a tornado of emotions. Now that I look back, it is completely normal to feel upset, excited, terrified and exhausted all at once. There are many things to think, and over think, after the initial shock of finding out a human is growing inside you. How long have I been pregnant? Oh god I drank like a leprechaun celebrating St. Patrick’s Day last week will the baby be ok? How do I tell my family, I’m not married yet, what will they think? And the list goes on. My advice?

Take it slow and find little ways to make each answer positive. Stress only brings negative energy around and there is no room for that during pregnancy.

Yes, I cried and not just happy tears. I was petrified. When I found out I was still in my junior year of college and didn’t know what to do.  I googled everything, what to eat, how I should feel and what the stage the baby was in.



A good friend but also a dark and twisted enemy. I suggest finding a pregnancy app that you like and sticking to it. I tried several including “What to Expect When Expecting”.  I enjoyed and appreciated the monthly videos but some of the information was too much and gave me anxiety. But the app I found extremely interesting was Ovia. They give you a week to week update on how big the baby is along with what your body is going through without overwhelming you with all the “what ifs”.


Take your pregnancy as a blessing and document how your body changes, trust me! I wish I would have taken more time to appreciate the different stages my body went through. Even when you wake up some mornings feeling like a bloated hushpuppy, take it all in because you are CREATING A HUMAN, and that in itself is amazing. I’m not saying you have to take pictures every week. But every now and then jot down what and how you are feeling that day.

It’s a wonderful resource to look back on and you can revisit it during a future pregnancy or share it with your baby when they get older.





Be Creative

Find cute ways to tell your family. I told my grandparents on their 55thwedding anniversary with two cards one with 55 and one with 17 (this being the number of grandchildren they will have with the new addition coming).

Such a simple gesture that brought such a rush of over elated emotions and a fun way for my Grama to share with the rest of the family the big news!


Don’t let people (or the internet) scare you.

Deli meats, med/rare meat, canned food or sunny side up eggs? Just a few things of what the world says to avoid while pregnant. All pregnancies are different, and it is up to you to pick and choose what you think is right for you and if anything, check with your doctor if you have a concern. It is good to be aware of the do’s and dont’s everyone is talking about but ultimately its what you are comfortable with.

Find a healthy balance.

At the start I was absolutely horrified about what foods to eat to get through the first trimester and it nearly drove me insane. I had the worst sweet tooth during my pregnancy, seriously the worst. It even reflected in my gestational testing, but I ended up passing the second test once I got my ice cream addiction under control. By the end I made a better effort to eat healthy, and it consisted of a lot of spinach, scrambled eggs, black beans, orange juice and of course smoothie bowls to try and balance out my sweets intake and it all worked out fine. All that and a good prenatal vitamin kept my healthy baby and I on the right track for successful delivery!

It is OK to feel all that you feel. The the female body was made to create life and the process is one of the most beautiful experiences I have encountered. Take that extra nap, eat that funky food combo and take every day in, even the bad, because what seems like forever ends up being much shorter once that baby is in your arms. Enjoy it mama you are doing great!

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