First time traveling with a 5-month-old on a plane.

First time traveling with a 5-month-old on a plane.

From the day we booked the trip to Texas I had a small fuzz ball of anxiety nestled in the back of my mind.

Full disclosure, flying is not my happy place. The security lines, crowded airports and idea of being enclosed in a small area with several strangers has always been a discomfort. Add the unpredictability of a 5-month-old baby and then comes the fuzz ball.

Luckily, I was not alone, my mother was our traveling companion and she was a godsend. Literally weeks before our trip I had lists on lists on lists of what I needed to bring but when it came down to it I ended up packing light.

I chose to buy most of the necessities (diapers/wipes/etc.) when we arrived in Texas giving me much more needed space for clothes and attention occupying objects.

So for the flight.

We got to the airport around 6 am, our flight was at 7 and I fed the gal a little before leaving. Check in was fine, I used the baby Bjorn to get through security and to the gate and took her out once we boarded.

At this point we were mainly nursing for all of Ray’s feedings and if possible, I highly recommend sticking it out if you can and continue to nurse until after you get home from your trip.

When in doubt nurse it out.

Ray nursed during takeoff, fell asleep and woke up right in time to nurse for the landing. SHE DID GREAT. All that anxiety I had tucked away for weeks was completely unnecessary.


There was one lay over in Atlanta which was no big deal, but the second flight was about 2 hours. Ray was once again a champ but got a little antsy in the middle of the flight. Not much that I could do nothing and even though I stressed anytime she gave a squawk by the end of the flight we had several people let us know how good of a baby she is as they passed by.

So lesson learned, don’t stress, the most important thing Ray needed was me and from then on out things went pretty smooth!

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