Matthew’s Proposal

Matthew’s Proposal

September 2018 

Brought us Hurricane Florence, which caused for an evacuation from our little coastal NC home. We packed a long weekend’s worth of clothes, took pictures of our house all “hurricane proofed” and piled into the car. We decided to make the most of the situation and made it a little get away to spend time with family.

Matthew, Hog (our sweet slobber filled pit) and I headed to PA where my soon-to-be in-laws were living at the time. Let me remind you I was 8 months pregnant at the time which made for a very long car ride!

Luckily our home survived the storm but the trek back to NC got pretty beat up and our long weekend turned into a whole two-week vacation.

September 21, 2018

We had been in PA for a little over week and Matthew was beginning to act very strange. He seemed tense, like he was anticipating something, so I knew something was up.

On a Wednesday morning

I woke up to him cooking breakfast (the first way to my heart: FOOD). We sat at the table and he mentions this nature trail he wanted to check out (second way to my heart: together time in nature). Interesting. So I through on some maternity leggings and pulled my hair back into French braids and we were on our way.

I remember the Lukas Graham song “Love Someone” just came on and played in the car on the way to the trail.

I am not kidding either when I thought about it being such a sweet song to play at a wedding. After getting lost two or three times we finally made it to Pine Grove State Park.

Seeing I was super pregnant we decided to take the “easy” trail.

It was defiantly a hike, but well worth it. The scenery was beautiful, trees full of life all around us and the leaves that had fallen were pastel shades of green and orange. The last stretch of the hike came to some rocky terrain and once we reached the top, after seeing literally nobody on the way up, there was an elementary field trip scattered about changing up the view quite a bit.

Turns out the school kids were just finishing up and on their way back down so I scooted my way along the edge to check out the view. Seriously breathtaking. We were overlooking a lake and the rest was rolling greenery.

I looked back and Matthew was turned around, so I started snapping pictures of the scenery on my phone. Only to turn around again and this time Matthew was holding something.


I knew what was about to happen.

Cliché enough the happy tears began to roll, he got down on his knee and asked me to be his forever, and of course I said yes.

It turns out Matthew had been planning this for months and actually rented an Airbnb back in NC where he was going to take Hogan and me for a mini staycation but the hurricane got in the way of that ever happening.

I couldn’t of imagine a better way for that day to go down the way it did. He got me good, and he was traditional and spoke to my Dad before doing anything.


Ugh I am so in love.

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