Time to Plan a Wedding!?

Time to Plan a Wedding!?

Alright, we are ENGAGED!

Actually we have been for the last nine months and to be completely honest we just set our wedding date, but who’s counting?

Weddings are much more complex than I could have ever imagined. I, like many people, only plan to get married once and I do like a good party. That being said I am very particular about things. I don’t expect myself to be a full-out-bridezilla but I do expect the planning of details to take a very long time with a lot of thought.



Pinterest over Reality?

Of course the day Matthew got down on his knee and asked the big I jumped on Pinterest. The pins of pretty bouquets, bridesmaid dresses and table settings all came too easy. Though, those will probably be helpful months from now, I was not focusing on the big details like the date, location or even wedding parties.

We got engaged in September. Around then we thought we could get married by the following October in the mountains of our home state, North Carolina. Sounds like a nice and easy idea right? Wrong!

Now at that point I was 8 months pregnant and doing all I could to finish my final semester at UNCW. It is safe to say I had A LOT on my plate already.

After Ray’s early arrival and graduation I took the time to browse some mountain wedding venues. Eight hours away from our house, with a nursing newborn and very little sleep.

I ran into several red flags.

First flag being price.

I am lucky enough to have a budget of $10,000. I only tell you this because most of the venues alone were over $6000 (and may I add that the cheaper ones were something to settle for not something to dream about) and that was not including food/drinks and all the other shenanigans.

I finally found one around five grand and wrote to them requesting a quote for our “date”.

Well Flag number two:

The venue was booked every weekend for the next two years.

It was then I put the wedding planning aside and focused on mom life. Fast forward nine months and here we are!

We came together and decided to keep things sweet and simple with much given time in between. Our date is set for……

OCTOBER 10th 2020

We have a reception site at a friend of the family’s waterfront house in my hometown, and that is about all we have!

SO I am here to invite you to join along this exciting time in planning a wedding. I will be posting often where I am at with any hiccups that come along the way. To start things off I have put together this rough to-do-list-timeline:

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