Surviving Your First Month with a Newborn: Here are my most used baby items

Surviving Your First Month with a Newborn: Here are my most used baby items

The first month home with your first new born is a complete blur of blissful chaos. So many mixed emotions. Happiness. Love. Exhaustion. Being completely overwhelmed the human you have been creating for the past nine months is now in your arms.

For first time moms, well for my first time as a mom, I had no idea what I would need when the baby arrived. I did endless amounts of research on what products I needed on my registry. 

Everything was ready, well almost everything.

Besides having the nursery put together, we had everything we could possibly think of for Ray’s arrival. When she decided to come three weeks early it was quite the curveball. But it turns out we had everything we needed but we also had a bunch of stuff we didn’t use for months to come. 

With that being said, I have narrowed down some essential items that helped keep me sane during the beautiful chaos. 

If you are having trouble getting started with your registry, these items would be great things to start with! (All items are linked at description title)

Ready to start your registry? I recommend Amazon.

Amazon has almost every item imaginable, with honest reviews. AND it is so easy for relatives (or long distance friends to participate!

(Disclaimer: Some links in this post are affiliated. No harm to you they just help me earn a little to keep my baby supplies up to date)

  1. The Halo Bassinest 

    • Ok, so this runs a little pricey, that is why it is best to put on your registry. Let’s face it, neither you or baby are going to want to leave each other’s side the first few month. This bassinet is compact and does not take up much floor space. It is perfect to have bedside to where you will feel comfortable enough to have baby by your side but not actually in bed!
    • If you are looking for something a little lower on cost I would also recommend the Fisher Price Motion Bassinet.
  2. The DOC-A-TOT

    • Again this is item is perfect to add to the registry! It is over the $150 mark but it is well worth all it. I used this item every day for almost 5 months and it was great for travel! The DOC-A-TOT makes it so the baby feels secure and resembles the feeling of being in the womb. It was the perfect nap spot or baby Ray and we actually bought a mobile toy arch for the later months which she loved!
  3. Muslin Swaddling Blankets

    • We got a few of these at the shower and they were a Godsend! Ray was born in November so we also used receiving blankets.(Similar to the baby blankets you get in the hospital((we brought all of those home too) To keep her warm we would double swaddle at night with the receiving blanket first and the muslin swaddle over it. Swaddling is meant to help stimulate the baby and she slept like a her swaddling days.
  4. The MamaRoo

    • We love love loved this swing (and wish it came in an adult size) There are several different settings and sounds to play when the machine is on. It also did not take up much floor room which was a plus for our little home. She would nap and just be so relaxed in this swing (at one point, the only time she would use the bathroom was while hanging in this swing. TMI? Sorry!) I highly recommend this swing over any other, it was hard for us to let this one go once baby girl got too big!
  5. The Boppy

    • Breastfeeding pillow, neck rest or a spot to lay the baby for five minutes while you brush your teeth. The possibilities are endless with the Boppy. Many of the late night feeds were made possible with this pillow it not only supported the baby but it supported me too!
  6. Organic Nipple Butter

    • This is for all my breast feeding mamas! Ouch. Just thinking about the first few weeks of nursing. This product works wonders. Once that latch is strong and milk is flowing the cracks begin to come. Bleeding, crusty cracks! But do not worry with this nipple butter your nipples will bounce back to a reasonable comfort level in no time! I also think nipple shields are worth looking into and wish I would have invested in some!
  7. Wipe Warmer (BONUS: Not Necessary but still helpful) 

    • Maybe it was getting used to diaper changes or maybe it truly works miracles. Baby girl hated diaper changes till we tried the wipe warmer. After that it was a not so yucky process that kept the small cries to a minimum and helped me feel like I was not torturing my baby!

Well there you have it! I hope these items bring you as much success and sanity as they did for me! Wishing you the best!!

Thanks for the read!


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