The Importance of Being Mindful:My Mindfulness Check

The Importance of Being Mindful:My Mindfulness Check

The mind is a powerful thing So be mindful of it

The older I get the more I realize my mind is constantly racing. Being mindful becomes harder and harder with each given day.  Thoughts are coming from every direction. This is a fear of mine. You see, rarely I get this outside glimpse of myself. Of my mind, and how I personally have lost control of what I am thinking. It may sound off, someone losing control of what their mind is thinking. For awhile I felt like we had no choice of what thoughts cross through our mind. This is true to and extent, but really with practice I think it is possible to have full control over all that goes on in our heads.

Obviously with age comes responsibilities. Worrying about loved ones, finances, body image, organization and whatever else lays ahead. Leaving no time to know yourself. This plays a huge role in the split between youth and adulthood. Without as many  responsibilities our mind has time to expand and imagine. The more we let “life” run our lives, the more we lose our own identity. With all the social media, news and ongoing trends we get caught up in we don’t leave any room to be ourselves. This blows my mind. Why is it so hard to find our own way?

So Who are you?

This hits me in waves and when it does, it hits me hard. But all is not lost, life is not over. I found a way to let my soul speak. A way to let me be me. Which helps in being more creative and in all honesty being genuinely happy.

Being present is the best thing we can do to get to know ourselves again. Mindfulness means to be aware of the present moment. To ignore the past and not focus on the future, just be.

There is not a time limit to being mindful

My own mindfulness journey started about five years ago when I had one of my guardian angels come into my life and save me from a deep depression. She pointed me in the direction of Yogananda’s guided meditations. These are great 10-15 minute meditation series to start out on if you are interested in starting a spiritual journey.

After practicing meditation for awhile I began to see a different side of me. A happier side. I truly believe being in tune with your mind and body will help defeat any challenges or lows you come across.

Recently I came across the book, The Power of NowThis book breaks down spirituality and does so by dissecting different religions and putting all the valid points together.The author makes a several good points, one of the main ones being that the mind is separate from being. This being he speaks about is being aware of what your mind is doing. In all sense being is being mindful.

How I stay in check

So after some very low and some very high moments I learned a quick little check to make sure I’m still intone with the present.

It is simple just remember your senses. Whenever an emotion is taking over your mind or you just can’t think straight: stop everything. Breathe. Then aknowledge what your are feeling. Happy? Angry? Love? Sadness? Take it in. TAKE IT ALL IN. 

Then look around you. What do you see? Blue skies? Ceiling fans? Baby toes? Examine everything around you and just take it in. Next, what do you hear? The air conditioner running? The conversation in the room besides you? Silence? Take it in.

Bet you can guess what comes next. What do you smell? Rain on the cement? Spices from left over from cooking dinner? The dog bed? Take it in. Are you touching anything? The blanket wrapped around you? The sticky leather car seats? The child tugging on your pant leg? The fingertips of someone you love? Take it all in. Sometimes we don’t always recognize taste. This is probably the sense that falls short for me. Unless I am eating something of course. But still its always good to be aware of taste even if there is nothing there.

Take five minutes

All of this can be done in less than a minute but go ahead and take five. Take the time for yourself. This isn’t a do once and find inner peace type of thing. It is something to practice constantly. You can never be too mindful!

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