What’s In My Medicine Cabinet: My Bathroom Essentials

What’s In My Medicine Cabinet: My Bathroom Essentials

Growing Up A Rainy Day would count as a shower

But as I got older and underwent several body altering stages my bath routine has defiantly stepped up. I try to stay on the more natural side of things. I wear make up on occasion but don’t know much about it (something I want to change in the near future). Along the way of  moving in with my fiancé, undergoing chemotherapy and making it through my first pregnancy, I have picked up a few products that I can not live without. 

Spend Money where it Matters

I have never been one to “splurge” on beauty and bath products. This list of essential is what I consider to be affordable. The products bring out the natural beauty and keep it alive. So here is a little look into my medicine cabinet. I hope if you made your way to this post you will get as much use out of these products as I do.


  1. Peppermint Oil-

    Aka my saving grace. I use peppermint oil for headaches, menstrual cramps or just to wake up. The cooling sensation that peppermint oil gives off acts as a natural pain reliever. This especially came in handy at the beginning of my pregnancy whenever I got the worst migraines!

  2. The Wet Brush-

    My hairdresser put me on this brush. Teen-age me actually had dreads. Lord lord lord. I was a sight to see. After dreads I grew my hair out and hardly ever did anything with it. It was not until I lost all my hair from chemo treatment that I actually started giving a hoot. This brush is perfect for styling with the hairdryer or just brushing out all the knots when you get out of the shower!

  3. Hello Activated Charcoal Whitening Toothpaste- 

    I have tried a few whitening toothpastes and this is the first one that actually works. I can see the difference, and could see it after just one day. I am picky about toothpaste. I hate the slimy coating it leaves. Toothpaste that has fluoride in it always makes me extremely thirsty after I brush. Hello Oral Care is fluoride free and leaves my mouth feeling CLEAN.

  4. Jojoba Oil– 

    We all know the benefits of coconut oil. But when it comes to moisturizer Jojoba is where it is at. Save to put on your face although I normally use rose hip oil for a face moisturizer. I use jojoba as a moisturizing hair mask in the dryer months. But the real reason I hold on to jojoba oil is for razor burn. I have had the worst luck with razor burn but now I make a little concoction of jojoba and witch hazel and massage it into wherever I shave. No more razor burn and leaves my skin feeling extra smooth.

  5. Castor Oil– 

    Learned about this one when I lost all my hair. I didn’t mind being bald but I did not like the in between pixie cut. It just was not for me. So I began using castor oil to help speed up the process. A little disclaimer: Hair does not grow inches in a day. It took a while for me to learn that. My hair did grow though and it came in super healthy. Now I keep castor oil in my cabinet for my eye lashes and brows. I massage a little onto my lashes after I get out of the shower to get a full bodied look.

  6. Tanned AF

 This is my guilty pleasure. Not natural, probably not the best for you. But I love being tan. I worked at a tanning bed when I got out of high school and it ruined me. This self tanner doesn’t leave me orange and it only takes an hour to set. It stays pretty long too. The sun will always be my first choice, but I limit myself to UV exposure after the whole cancer thing.

There you have it. Six things to keep around that won’t break the bank. Your youth can stay alive and no harm will be done during the process.


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