Baby Stuff I Use When I Need to Get Sh*t Done: Busy Mom Busy Baby

Baby Stuff I Use When I Need to Get Sh*t Done: Busy Mom Busy Baby

Ever since we hit the 6 month milestone everything has been go Go GO. Running around all day trying to make sure the baby is safe, fed and happy, the house is clean where it needs to be, and the money situation is being handled. Being a mom is ALOT of work. 

Six to Nine Month and Things are getting so real

I started this blog about the same time Ray hit 6 months. Now that we have made it to 9 months I have put together a list of things that help me get all my sh*t done.  We are now crawling, eating solids, pulling up and putting everything into our mouths. But this age is so much fun! Seriously, she has started to have such a personality and shows me something new everyday. I try me best to get us out of the house at least twice a day whether it’s running through the neighborhood or up to target.

We are on a three-nap-a-day schedule which in all realness a sleep  schedule is a godsend. Ray is growing like a weed and still eats about every 2-3 hours. Having the option to alternate between bottles and solids has made some situations way more convenient. I try not to do pouches at home just to help Ray be more familiar with feeding herself. But when we are out and we aren’t need a bottle I have been giving her the Earth’s Best pouches.


Amazon makes it easy for anyone to find your registry and great when long distance family wants to help out. If you are interested in starting a registry on Amazon here is think link to get started.

These products have been great for an older infant but if you are looking for some other must have items check out this post.

From eating at home to eating out, to mobility  to sitting still for a minute these items are must haves for the busy mom!

All Items are linked

  • The Bumbo Multi Seat
    • The Bumbo seat is a great alternative to getting an actual high chair and it will take up much less space. The multi seat has been super convenient when we travel. But I must admit I use it just to have Ray somewhere when I need to get work done from home. I give her a book or some snacks and she feels like she is included in my work. The seat features an attachable tray that attaches nicely to the back of the seat when it isn’t being used.
  • The Mixie On-the-Go Formula Bottle
    • THE COOLEST THING I EVER BOUGHT. We have been trying to switch to formula for a good bit of time now and its been a bi*tch to deal with when we are out and about. I’ll admit Similac makes convenient travel packs for 4 oz bottles but we do about 6 ounces so we needed something more. The Mixie Bottle is awesome. It is an 8 oz bottle (4 oz is also available) and the formula goes in a small container inside the bottle. Whenever you are ready to use it, with the water already in the bottle, you just push up on the bottom of the bottle and it releases the lid of the formula container. A few shakes later and you have a bottle ready to go!
  • The Jumperoo
    • The Jumperoo has come in handy a lot these days. At 6 months Ray was still figuring things out but by 7 she loved bouncing around. It used up a decent amount of engird but kept her in one place so I could work and keep an eye on her. At one point we hit a sleep regression and the jumperoo was the only thing that would get her to sleep. She would bounce like crazy for about three minutes and her bounces would get less and less intense and then she would be out. It was hilarious but also one of the cutest, most precious, things I have ever seen!
  • Babyware Self Feeding Utensils
    • At 6 months we hit the baby food pretty hard. I wanted Ray to get familiar with different foods in hopes we will avoid any allergies. For a little while I hand fed her myself. Once she got use to the spoon I got the Babyware Self Feeding set  for her to practice self leading. She is no pro but this gives her an opportunity to develop some cognitive skills and gives me a minute to wash a bottle (while keeping a close eye, OF COURSE).
  • A Good Teether
    • Six months brought us our first tooth. Some babies have no problem with teething. This is not the case for Ray. You would think something is seriously wrong with her everytime a tooth cuts. She is just very in tune with her emotions, at least that is what I am telling myself. A teether will come in handy for car rides or just hanging at home. They will want something in their mouth. The one have linked is wooden so extra safe no BPA all good things!

Well there you have it! Some of my most used products the past three months home with sweet Ray. Wishing you the best of luck and hoping this article will come useful to you!

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