9 Months in with Ray: Our day to day routine

9 Months in with Ray: Our day to day routine

Summer is almost over? Not to mention I have a 9-month-old baby?! The saying that everybody and their mother says is true: Time flies with a baby. I sound so cliche but its no lie. Where has the time gone?

I joke that the reason time flies by so fast is because parenting is a blur of elated emotions and sleep deprivation. I can honestly say I love being a mom. Even when I don’t want to mom I do and it is so rewarding. Sometimes I have to remind myself that others are not so fortunate to be in my position. Especially those who have also gone through chemotherapy. So when the 3 am cry calls for mom I get up and snuggle hard. 

Each month brings so many new things and so far month number 9 has been pretty exciting.


Ray is officially crawling. Everywhere and fast. She picked up crawling just before the 8 month mark. It was so cute to watch her failed attempts of rocking back and fourth. She is pulling up and falling down often but I know those first steps are coming. SOON.

We are eating solids. She can say Dada, Deedee and does a lot of growling( that’s my girl). She holds on tight whenever she hears a loud noise, yes smoothie time is cuddle time, the best of both worlds. Ray seems to have a thing for the gentlemen. Besides being obsessed with Mom she will readily go into the arms of any man, especially if they have a beard! But she is picky with women? Don’t know.

She is the best lunch date in the world. Now that we are sitting up straight she can go in the high chair and she LOVES it. Pretty sure she just like to feel included but don’t we all?

Day to Day Routine

 We “start” each morning with a diaper change and a 6 oz bottle of formula (this is usually after a twenty minute nursing session at 5:30/6ish am).

Then it is off for our morning run! Getting some fresh air and letting dad sleep in a little extra. 


After our run we have “breakfast” which is typically a jar of baby food. We are starting to incorporate more solids into her diet. And we did our first go with peanut butter. We are safe!

We then clean up all over our mess we left through the night, change our diaper and play (crawl around and climb) till 9:30. A little bottle and it’s time for our nap. On our good days she is usually down for an hour to an hour and a half. On our fussy days it can last not even thirty minutes.


When she gets up it is normally getting close to lunch so we do a diaper change and get in the high chair. If it is still a little early I will give her some water, a few puffs and some sensory toys to play with.


Lunch is usually a 6 oz bottle and a little snack of fruits or veggies. After lunch we play again and try to squeeze a story in before our next nap around 2 pm. 


This “nap” is more of a rest period and never lasts  more than a half of an hour. If I need to go somewhere I usually go around this time and drive her around for a bit. She is similar to me when it comes to attitude and lack of sleep. 


Whenever that grace period is over we play and eat. Ray is eating about every 2 and a half to three hours. 


She goes down for her last nap around 4:30 pm and that lasts an hour sometimes more. We try to be strict with naps but if we have company over or are at someones house it is not likely is a nap is going to happen. Talk about FOMO.


Once we are up for our last nap it is our wind down time. I usually try to make dinner for Matthew and I and she “helps” with all the cooking.


Bath time is 7:15 and it is every night. No, I do not use soap every night. We just have made it a routine to take a bath and use up that last bit of energy. If she is really wilding out or just fussy I will drop one drop of lavender oil in her bath.

Eat + Sleep 

One last story before bed and we finish off with nice warm 6 oz bottle! She is usually in bed asleep by 8 pm!

Lately she has been on a 3:30 am bottle call and I think it is because of teething.

All in all we get through the day and learn something new doing it.