House plants: Low Maintenance beauties

House plants: Low Maintenance beauties

We all love a little green on the inside. For aesthetic and for health benefits. House plants do it all. But why are they impossible to keep alive? After years of trial and error I found some beautiful low maintenance house plants that add just that amount of “earthy-chicness” I am looking for. It is funny how having a baby  actually helped me to keep plants alive. But I guess it makes sense and adds a fun activity for me and Ray to do together. Now these are not set-it-and-forget-it plants. They do need a little TLC at least once a week.

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Succulents are complicated

Succulents are a thing of the past. The only one really worth having is the Aloe Vera plant because of its benefits. The humidity was a death sentence for any cacti I try to keep alive. Maybe in AZ there is better luck for the succulents. If you are living in a humid climate try and work with some of these sweet green babies.

First off

When it comes to watering these low maintenance house plants I only do it once a week (Monday is our plant day), some go even longer. There is an app called Planta that notifies you when it is time to water and re soil. Check it out, it does wonders. Every other week I make sure to feed the plants with Miracle Grow Plant Food. I didn’t always do this but ever since I started there has been drastic changes.

I find it most successful  to keep the plants in their nursery pots for AWHILE (nursery pots being the plastic ones they come in from the store). There are so many cute plant baskets on amazon to hide them in! When they are ready to be planted into a bigger pot I recommend the ever known terracotta pots. They are great for holding in moisture so you don’t have to worry about your soil drying as fast! Not to mention they are very aesthetically pleasing when it comes to house plants, and CHEAP.


I learned about the nursery pots by experimenting with  golden pothos. The first pothos, also known as the devil’s ivy, I ever bought was $4 from Lowes hardware. I bought this about two years ago and it was barely sprouted. Now it has a vine over 8 ft long! 

I later bought another and planted it in a basic terracotta pot with some rocks at the bottom. It is barley six inches tall. So I bought another and kept it in the nursery pot (probably 2 months after planting the stunted one) and it has tripled in size. (It took some time to realize I don’t need to continue to buy the same type of plant I can just propagate them.)

Pothos need little light and to be watered at least once a week and boom you will have that pretty vine plant that everyone is posting. 

A similar looking plant with the same low maintenance care is a Philodendron. If you are wanting to switch it up a little.


The Striped Dracaena is growing to be absolutely BEAUTIFUL. It is like a tree and is standing about 4ft tall at the moment. We bought this around a 7 months ago and it has grown twice its original size. I keep it by our sliding glass door so it is getting constant light but not anything too harsh. I water it once a week with plant food and then with a little more plain water to make sure the food gets down to the roots. This plant adds a tropical feel to the kitchen that I am loving!

I have another strain of dracaena called the Janet Craig Dragon Tree. This one is much smaller in width compared to the striped dracaena but is growing wonderfully. With both of the dracaena plants I now have them potted in soil (out of their nursery pots) with rocks for drainage at the bottom. It has not seemed to hurt them and they continue to grow every week!

Eucalyptus Tree

Eucalyptus can be grown indoor or outdoor. It is actually one of my newest additions to the plant family. I am keeping it indoors due to the insane amount of rain we are having. Noted, it does not give off the fragrance trimmed eucalyptus does. I am keeping this in its nursery pot till it outgrows it. This is one of the few plants that needs a little extra care. It dries out easily so needs to be misted daily and watered twice a week. I figure a little extra care is alright seeing it reaps so many benefits.

These are all the plants I have found to be the easiest to take care of. A super cheesy thing I do just to be a little extra is go around to each plant with the baby and tell them how pretty they are and then rub on the leaves a little. I mean I would love it someone did that to me everyday so why not give all the love we can whenever we can!

I do have my eye on two more plants that I have been reading up on, the spider plant and the snake plant. Both are suppose to be super low maintenance.  Once I have them I will make sure to do a follow up so stay posted!


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