Making Mornings Have A Purpose: For a Not So Morning Person

Making Mornings Have A Purpose: For a Not So Morning Person

First off, never would I have thought that I could be a morning person, let alone have a morning routine. After having Ray, I was forced to be a morning person which was almost miserable until I started giving my mornings a purpose.

Are you having trouble feeling the excitement in life? Feeling like every day is the same? We are all just here to let life run us over and for what to wake up the next day and let it happen again? Hate mornings because it means less sleep, more work and more responsibilities? I can relate, I’ve been there.

We are blessed to wake up each day with the opportunity to do absolutely anything we set our minds too. I always enjoy sleep and I use to sleep half my morning away and be completely OK with it. Now I feel like the whole day is gone if I am not up and about before 8 am.

good morning ray

Ray, bless her, gets up around 6 am every morning. This was a hard struggle for me to adapt to. Once we started our routine I made my own routine to incorporate into it. After a few weeks of sticking to my (and our) routine I am proud to say I have transitioned into one of the crazy smiling morning people we all love to hate.

It wasn’t just being up and about with more hours of the day that made me enjoy mornings so much. It was the new cycle of time to take on. I do my best to live in the present. But when you have a kid sometimes you need to plan and think ahead. So rather than looking days and weeks ahead I look to the next few hours but I do not neglect what is happening NOW.




Morning Rituals for a Happy life


From the second I wake up I roll out of bed on to my carpet and stretch. I lay flat on my back and stretch as tall as I can. I sit up and touch my toes. Then I cross my arms over to one side and stretch my back. Switch sides and repeat. Do a little downward dog, cat and cow breathing and then bring it up to standing tall. Reach to the sky one good time with a deep breath in and deep breath out and you are good. This seriously takes me a total of three minutes. Add a quick shower and brush your teeth and your body is ready for the day!

Make Your Bed

My Grampa taught me this after he watched Admiral McRaven make his commencement speech. If you have the time I recommend watching his speech. But in short; it is important to make your bed because you can then feel like you have accomplished one thing for the day. So no matter if you have the worst day in the world where nothing is finished or goes right. By the end of the day you will see your bed and know that you did ONE thing and can feel accomplished. 

Drink Water

This was a tough one for me. When it is “that” early I immediately want caffeine, in any form. There were days I started with a cup of tea or coffee and didn’t need up having sip of water till late afternoon. It is SO important for us to stay hydrated. If you think about it you went hours through out the night without any form of hydration. So, pour yourself a nice 8 ounces of pure H20 and sip it while the coffee is brewing. Or go the extra mile and start your day with a warm cup of lemon water. Just squeeze half a lemon into a cup of warm water! I don’t let myself have anything else until that cup of water is finished!

Mindfulness Check

With it being morning we can automatically go into panic mode about every little task that needs to be completed that day. Slow down. Take a mindfulness check. Let yourself take in the present moment. What does the air feel like around you? Can you hear anything? How does your water taste as you slowly sip it? Look at your surroundings and absorb what you see. Just take the five minutes and be.

Mind your Thank Yous

While you are finishing your water or if you have moved on to a light breakfast or warm cup of tea. Sit and visualize three things you are grateful for. I keep a journal and write them down. Give a verbal thank you, just to hear it out loud. You are telling yourself that there is meaning. Once I have my three thank yous. I like to write down one personal goal for my day. It can be small. Sometimes it is something as simple as taking a shower, or reading a page from my book. This goal is for YOU.

Love Your Body

Not all of us have the time, or the money, for a gym membership. However, physical health is important. We need healthy bodies to carry us through life. So each morning pick two body parts and do something to strengthen them. It does not have to be an intense workout by any means. When I first started out I kept reps small. Say I wanted to focus on arms and booty. I would do two sets of five push ups and 15 tricep dips. Then I would knock out 15 squats. The next day I switch it up to abs and legs with a 30 sec plank and 10 lunges for each leg. Nothing crazy just a little activity to let our bodies know we care. Over time reps can increase and you will feel yourself getting stronger which is a win in its own!

This seems like a lengthy list and a little bit silly. But in reality all of these can take less than twenty minutes to complete and trust me it makes a difference. It may mean waking up twenty minutes earlier than what you are used to in order to squeeze everything in. This is nothing in comparison to what you get out of it. It is important we take care of OUR mental and physical health. So take the time to give yourself some time and make everyday more purposeful. YOU deserve it!!