Comfort Crystals: 5 crystals to keep close

Comfort Crystals: 5 crystals to keep close

In honor of last weeks full moon and it landing on Friday the 13th, I have dedicated this post to five crystals I keep close for comfort. Yes, crystals. Call it placebo or call it the universe, I believe my attitude and “life happenings” are contributed from the energy around me. Energy that the crystals in my back pocket give off. 

But it is just a rock?

Yes I may sound crazy. Yes from 2017 to present there was a strong crystal fad. My interest in crystals began in 2013 when my life was at a serious low. I met a boy and his roommate had four shelves   of crystals on full display as you walk in the door. I found these “rocks” to be beautiful but I didn’t get it.

It wasn’t till I went to our mineral shop  for the first time that I began to believe something so simple could hold power. As we walked into the shop there was an instant calmness, it may have been the meditation chants on repeat, but the ambiance just felt “lite”. We spent the first fifteen minutes walking around to the ones we found prettiest and looking in awe at all of our surroundings.

I remember feeling nervous to even touch a crystal let alone pick it up and take a closer look. Slowly I began picking up the stones I found not only beautiful but also appreciated the meaning behind them.

No its not just a rock

Not after long I found myself picking up a shimmering light blue stone. As I grasped the stone in the palm of my hand it felt as if my hand started to pulse around it, with my skin trying to form as close as possible around the stone. In that moment I gained an understanding behind the power of crystals.

(The stone I picked up was aquamarine. Aquamarine has several meanings but one in particular proved this was the stone for me at that time.  It is said that aquamarines energy surfaces any issues one has buried and helps find the reason why one has held on to these issues. In short it helps one clear their conscience and make peace from within.

Like I mentioned before I was at a serious low in life. I just got out of a long term relationship. Left lost at the bottom confused with where to start my climb back to the top. After my encounter with aquamarine I began making monthly trips to the crystal shop and whether or not they are the lingering reason behind my success or not, they definitely played a role.

Through time I found a solid five crystals I like to keep near or on me at all times. I usually keep them by my bedside, in my pocket (bra on pocketless days) or in my purse/bag/wallet whatever I am using that day.

5 Comfort Crystals to keep Close

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(Personally, I believe amethyst to be the almighty and powerful.  My go to for any worries and one I keep around me constantly.) Amethyst is known to sooth upset minds, calm down irritability and find balance ones thoughts and creates a clearer mindset.


(Preferably orange calcite) Helps one bloom with creativity and confidence! It is also a great stone for removing and negativity that is near and provides a sense of pleasure instead.


Hematite helps with grounding oneself. Finding the inner peace, and is also known to strongly absorb any negative vibes that could be surrounding you. Fun fact, some say Hematite will help one attract the attention of others!


Opal has always been a favorite. This stone is based on strengthening relationships. It helps in communication on a more deeper level. So if you feel its time to share something personal this would be the stone to have close when doing so.

(Rose) Quartz

Rose quartz is all about love. It is said to help relieve any past tensions regarding the heart. It helps one find, feel and give love with open arms. But it does more than help one feel love for others, it helps find inner self love too!

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