Time to share some skin care

Time to share some skin care

Blame it on age, blame it on motherhood, it is time for me to have a skin care routine. My eyes look like death himself swapped my coffee out for decaf. And those tiny little forehead creases that continue to show up, so cute. I took it upon my self to start getting into a good routine for my skin.

I miss you, youth

Growing up I rarely washed my face let alone anything else. Just a fun-seeking-greasy-haired gal trying to do everything she could to not fit in with society. Fast forward ten years and life has caught up in record time showing mainly on the upper quadrant of my face.

Two months ago I was in a little bit of a rut. I felt run down and looked like it too. It was time to do a little research and invest in some skin care products. Now that I have a decent, yet still very amateur routine down, I feel 10x better about myself. My skin is clear and really, like really soft, I look like life isn’t beating me up anymore rather now we are tied in overtime ready to kick some ass.

So if you are looking to start a routine, or want to switch yours up a bit here are some (affordable) products to consider and how/when to use them.

(Note: I have added affiliate links for your convenience)

Starter Skin Care Products for the Mid Twenty Year old 

 To start:

  • A mild face wash:

    Simple Moisturizing Face Wash

    • I wash my face with this every day in the shower, sometimes twice depending on the number of showers I get in.  It does tend have a little trouble with the waterproof mascara, however I use a cotton pad with jojoba and rose hip oil to wipe away anything left over, once I am out of the shower that is.
    • It is such light wash you don’t have to worry about it damaging your skin. Also it is super cheap and isn’t made with any harsh chemicals.
  • Once a week exfoliate:

    Vasanti BrightenUP

    • Originally I got this product in an Ipsy bag and I love it. It is a tad bit on the pricey end but will last a long time so it is worth the investment.
    • It is good to exfoliate at least once at the most three times a week. I choose to exfoliate every Wednesday prior to using a micro-blade roller once I am out of the shower. This makes for super clean and soft skin so all the good serums can do what they need to do.
  • One day a week use a peel or mask:

    Acne dot clearing gel peel

    • Every Sunday I like to use this as a way of peeling off all the bull shi* the week has built up on my face. No, really I just picked Sunday because I have the night off and usually do my self tanner at the same time. A little “me time”.
    • This peel is quick and easy to get off. Occasionally I will switch it up and get a charcoal mask or use some aztec clay, but usually I just use this peel. I leave it on for about three minutes. 
  • Find a serum:

    Valjean Labs Glow Facial Serum

    •  A few hours of youtube videos and there I was deciding to try this serum out. It isn’t too pricey, runs about $14. Serums are meant to help prevent wrinkles and this one specifically brightens the tone of your skin and reduces redness.
  • Eye cream with a shot of espresso:

    Context Vitamin C All day Eye cream

    • Another product that will run a little more than an average cup a joe but for me, 100% worth it.  Eye cream helps brighten underuse but also protects them from any harm and slows down the aging of the under eye skin with vitamin C. I like to use this after my serum and before moisturizing.
  • Moisturizer gives life:

    Olay Face Moisturizer

    • Olay is my ride or die and has always been a product I recommend. We can thank Eileen, my mother, for putting it in my stocking all these years. On a real not Olay has so many benefits and is not very expensive. The great thing about Olay is that it contains SPF to help protect against all those pesky sun rays.
    • Moisture is very important for skin, it not only helps by preventing acne it protects skin from drying out and aging. If I am wearing make up I start with this moisturizer but I also use Olay’s CC Cream to help even out the tone of my face.
  • In the cold and dry seasons, a face oil:

    The Ordinary 100% Organic Rose hip Oil

    • I haven’t explored much into face oils but when I was pregnant I used Rose hip oil to help with my dry skin. Rose hip oil helps keep moisture locked in but also reduces redness and regenerates any tissues that may be damaged.

Well there you go! Hope this routine helps you as it does me. I will mention it again, my skin type is regularly clear of any cystic acne. I do have black heads, my skin is prone to dryness and is sensitive to a lot of products (Nuetragena and Clinique to name a few I have had reactions from). If your skin is opposite to mine I would recommend doing a little further research on serums.

Thanks for the read!


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