One Year Till I am MARRIED: Some wedding flower Inspo

One Year Till I am MARRIED: Some wedding flower Inspo

One Year Out

Because wedding flowers make me excited. October came and hit me smack in the face. We are officially one year out from our wedding month. It is time I get my sh*t together and start executing all my planning. 

What we have:
  • Bride & Groom
  • Venue
  • Wedding Parties Decided
  • Guest List

Not much but we are getting there slowly but surely. As of now I almost up to date with my wedding planning checklis(we have yet to take engagement pictures/send save the dates, but we will get there).On today’s forecast is Wedding Flower inspiration.

I am all over the place with flowers and decoration but lately I have been interested in all  bouquets and center pieces involving pampas grass. Not sure what it is about it. The combination of light and airy hues with dried looking agriculture is giving me a coastal fall vibe that I think I am going to run with.

I do think I will hire a florist. At first I wanted to create all my arrangements, but let’s be real I do not have time for that. So I put together a little list of possibilities and will let the professional work their magic!

(I have included affiliate links at your convince of wanting to make your own arrangements!)


Flowers, Grass, Alive and Dead

My mind is constantly changing and I am sure I will add more to the list and knock a few off before next October. One thing that stays consistent is my love to look at wedding flowers when I am deep into procrastinating.But for now it feels good to have something written out with a good idea in mind!

Thanks for the quick read!


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