A Weeks Worth Of Autumn Inspired Vegetarian Dinners

A Weeks Worth Of Autumn Inspired Vegetarian Dinners

Sometimes we just need a list of vegetarian dinners right in front of us or else we order dominos. These recipes were carefully chosen by none other than, well me. I spent many trials and testings of different recipes to find these seven wonderful vegetarian recipes that go great with fall weather.

After becoming a mom I now know that time is limited, and grocery shopping is a PAIN if you don’t have an idea of what you want to eat throughout the week. I am trying to do my best with adulting and now started to meal plan. PLAN not prep. Although meal prepping is probably a more easy and organized method of weekly eating, I am not there yet. Baby steps. I plan out our meals the best I can on Saturday but don’t shop till Monday. I think mid morning on a Monday is the best time to shop when trying to avoid human contact. A huge step I take when getting home from the grocery store is cutting all the produce (carrots/celery/radishes/peppers etc.) and storing them in mason jars so they are ready for cooking whenever its time!

Becoming Vegetarian may be just the thing for you

Whether you are a full out vegetarian or just looking explore for a week, here are some delicious recipes! I personally strive to eat a plant based diet. That being said, I will throw in some wild salmon or a fried egg here and there to get added protein into my diet. Eating completely plant based has so many benefits for physical and mental health. Not to mention you NEVER have to worry about veggies being undercooked or spreading crazy bacterias like meat does!

Though I do try and create my own recipes here are some I found on Pinterest that are well worth testing out!

Seven Vegetarian inspired dinners

There you have it, seven autumn inspired vegetarian dinners. Hope you enjoy and would love your personal feedback on any recipe you try!


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