Let’s Get Healthy: A Dairy Free Mealplan

Let’s Get Healthy: A Dairy Free Mealplan

Why a meal plan made the difference.

Almost a year after giving birth I finally looked in the mirror disappointed for the last time. It was time to get my body back, I just didn’t know where to start. I began researching ways to get your body back being postpartum. The results were unreal, and A LOT to choose from. What really got the fire burning was when I scheduled our engagement photoshoot. I know I won’t be where I hope to be for my wedding but I was ready to lose weight, and wanted to do it fast. 

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Where did three weeks come from?

Beach Body’s 21 Day Fix popped up several time in my diet and exercise searches. This a workout and diet program by Beach Body. It looked true to its ads but I was not ready to pay the price ($67). But I did get two things from it:

  • Eating the correct portions will help train your stomach
  • Trying something for three weeks can form a new habit.

Prior to starting, my diet was so-so, I ate with my emotions to say the least.  However, since February 2019 I have not ate red meat, pork or poultry (I still eat seafood and eggs). But I would indulge in a daily ice cream cone, straight up bread and butter and I loved cheese on everything.

A Meal Plan Is Necessary

I decided in order to be serious about losing weight I will have to give up dairy and gluten.  For three weeks, can’t be that hard? And if it was I could eat all the bread and ice cream once I hit day 22. There is an end date. This made going through a strict diet so much easier. Knowing that I would be able to have something again helped in giving it up in the first place. Mindsets are so wild!

I did end up buying portion control containers. I had no idea I typically ate 4 servings for one meal. FOUR SERVINGS!! Eating the correct portions makes a huge difference, and made it super easy to track calorie, fat, protein and carb intake. I use the MyPlate app to keep track of everything!

A meal plan was crucial to have. Or else you will just want to snack all day. I did a “rough” meal plan the first week. By rough I mean I wrote down a bunch of ideas but did not actually plan it out. But I did track every meal I made and created true meal plans for the following two weeks. This made grocery shopping and any prep work a breeze.

The results are in

After three short weeks I dropped seven pounds (Started at 148 lbs ended at 141 lbs and went from a size 8 to a size 4! The amount of bloating that went away after no gluten was un real. There is no BS behind it. I ate well and stayed hydrated. As for exercise all I did was walk at least 4 times a week for 20-30 minutes. For rewards I let my self have a glass of red wine once or twice a week.

Starting out, I took Vitamin B12, and still do on most days. When you’re not eating meat you can lack B12 and may feel weaker than normal. By supplementing with a vitamin it will help increase your energy level. By day 13 I was hardly missed dairy. Gluten was everywhere and it didn’t bother me to not have it.

Now that I have finished the diet, I gave myself one week to eat correct portions but allow gluten and dairy. To be honest I had an ice cream cone 7 days out of the diet and felt like death. In honor of that feeling I started the diet over and will stick to it for another three weeks. However this time I plan on incorporating more exercise to see how much of a difference it makes!

Spreading the love, and the meal plan

Are you serious about losing weight and detoxing your body? Do you want to change your lifestyle so you can feel and look better? Or are you just curious about what I ate to lose the weight? 

Well, lucky enough, by tracking all my calories and food I created a gluten-and dairy-free-21-day meal plan! The meal plan includes grocery lists for each week ( I do most of my grocery shopping at Trader Joe’s), each day has three meals planned and all calorie intake is noted daily! I am here to share whatever I can to help anyone out on their health journey!


Thanks for the read!


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