Eight (healthy) cocktails to spice up your holiday this season!

Eight (healthy) cocktails to spice up your holiday this season!

The holidays are here and that means family gatherings, aka bring on the holiday cocktails! Now we all know the spiked eggnog and irish coffees make for the perfect winter’s evening but holy crud the calories they hold! For some calories shmalories. But for all those dedicated souls who worked so hard this year to hit your goal weight only to gain 5 lbs back over the holidays I am here for you. I have put together a list of adult beverages to keep your holiday spirits (and tolerance to Aunt Karen’s speech on marriage) high without the added calories. This quick of healthy holiday cocktails will keep your guests happy and you guilt free!

Healthy Holiday Cocktails

Sparkling Vodka Cranberry with Lime

Keep it simple and LOW on the calorie side  with this jazzed up vodka soda!

From: Eating Bird Food

Mulled Wine

If this doesn’t send you to a Christmas Eve’s night by the the fire side then forgive me cause that is where I will be! Give a rustic feel to your holiday with this Mulled Wine recipe!

From: Tone It Up

Cinnamon Rosemary Old Fashioned

Let your heart be warm and keep it classy but make it classier by adding a little cinnamon and rosemary to your Old Fashioned.

From: Salted Plains

Pomegranate Gin Cocktail

Drinking gin immediately brings me straight to the pine trees. Spruce it up with a little pomegranate to give it a soft winter’s glow.

From: Yuppie Chef

Grapefruit and Sage Champagne

Perfect cocktail to have leading up to the New Years.

From: Floating Kitchen

Notorious F.I.G

Sweet and simple, put it in a nice glass and make it sophisticated!

From: Nerds With Knives

100 Calorie Moscow Mule

An all around great drink any time of year!

From: Fitness Foodie

The Indian Winter Cardamom Cocktail

From: The Charming Detroiter

Grab your mixers and spirits while the stores are still open!

Wishing YOU happy holidays and a wonderful new year!



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