Tips for staying healthy this holiday season

Tips for staying healthy this holiday season

Ways to stay healthy this holiday season and still enjoy yourself


It is the holiday season and that means all the sweets, booze, carbs and a very hard time staying healthy. Some may say it is the best time of the year to indulge. But if you are like me who tried to eat right and stay healthy all year long it’s almost heartbreaking to look down at that table spread and feel like you can’t eat it. Well, I will go ahead and be the one to tell you it is a hundred percent OK to treat yourself here and there this holiday season. Thanksgiving and Christmas will pass and come January the whole world will be making an effort to be healthy (at least for the first three weeks of resolutions). So if you take on “moderate indulgence” and a little physical activity here and there it will make January 10x easier to get back on track. I created a little list of tips on ways to stay healthy this holiday season and still enjoy yourself below.


 I by no means am a nutritionist or in any medical field, just a fellow health enthusiast with a sweet tooth with some tips for you to take into consideration!


Staying Healthy This Holiday Season While Enjoying Yourself


  • Start your mornings off right! 
    • December is the perfect month for those hot cups of coffee filled with sugar and whip cream but step aside. Start your morning with a hot cup of lemon water before anything. Lemon water has so many healthy benefits for digestion and skin! By starting your morning with hot lemon water you are waking up your body with something good for it! This will help mentally trigger that the day has started off right and in good health! By all means have that cup of coffee after. Maybe skip the extra sugar and treat yourself with a little dairy free coconut cream whip cream, still sweet but way better for you!
  • Be aware of portions.
    • So it may be a personal problem but come holiday meal times(like the actual holidays where there is 3 main dishes and 27 sides to choose from) I feel the need to make a mountain of food and end up going back for seconds. STOP RIGHT THERE. You know what is good for you. Load up on veggies and protein but when it comes to casseroles and carbs, pick one and portion it out. I promise you will fill up with much less food than you think.
  • Don’t be a grazer and stay busy.
    • The aurdoves that keep bringing you back. The spread of chips, dips, and cheese trays. Be aware and conscious. Have some veggies and some cheese and crackers but keep in mind you will be eating later. If you find yourself repeatedly going back to the snack table distract yourself. It is ok to munch here and there but there is also plenty of things to keep you busy. Help out cooking, set the table, get a head start on dishes or try and socialize with that Uncle who only talks sports stats. Stay busy.
  • Booze control.
    • I come from an irish family that isn’t shy of drinking at gatherings. So many things to celebrate! Just be responsible. Keep it light. Beer and wine have a lot of calories. If you are staying in the same location for the night look up a fun cocktail to make or treat yourself to a low calorie beer. If you are driving make a mocktail! Or treat yourself to one drink early one and sip on it slowly then wait awhile before getting behind the wheel. Sadly enough you will not be the only one on the road that night and it is best for you to be fully aware of your surroundings!
  • Add a little physical activity to your day.
    • If you are in the South you have no excuse to not be outside everyday for a brisk fifteen minute walk, well unless it is down pouring. Get your blood moving. Whether it’s going out for a walk or jump rope. Taking your kid to the park. Doing 15 squats while you brush your teeth. Do something active. Let your body know you care. Feel like an overachiever? Go to the gym and spend thirty minutes on the treadmill and spend another thirty weight training. One fun way to incorporate fitness and pleasure is by trying out a yoga class that incorporates wine, beer or goats! 
  • Save the sweets!
    • It is easy to say that almost every corner I turn there is a sign for warm apple pie, a box of assorted chocolates or a tin of Nana’s homemade cookies. All my weaknesses. But do I NEED them? Not at all. In fact I can spread the holiday spirit by making healthy alternatives! Treat yourself with something small everyday. By all means you can have a cookie but if temptation is hitting you hard try out an advent calendar. With this you get one small piece of chocolate a day. If you plan to have your piece at night after dinner you can remind yourself throughout the day that you get that special sweet treat EVERYDAY and that is better than eating 12 cookies and feeling like a lazy bum afterwards!


Just a few friendly reminders to keep with you this holiday season! What is you trick to staying healthy? Comment below!

Wishing you a happy holiday!

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