Surviving Quarantine: 30 things to do at home

Surviving Quarantine: 30 things to do at home

Hello and Welcome to 30 days of Staying at Home

(Hi friends, it’s been awhile, I’m just over here working on surviving quarantine with my fiancé, daughter and old pup. What can I say I have been busy with my photography business and keeping my family alive my writing has taken the back seat. Well,(and I never thought I would say this) thank you COVID-19 for giving me some time to get my “life” back on track with all things I love to do (for instance writing this  list on 30 things to do at home).

Right now things are a little scary. We all have a common enemy and we don’t know when we will get back to “normal” daily schedules. But in the light of things we are given time to finish(or start) projects we have wanted to do forever. We get to spend time at home working on “ourselves”. Though some may be more anxious than others this wild time is also a time of opportunities.

Enough of my words of wisdom. North Carolina  just got put on a thirty day quarantine where we are “supposed” to stay home unless in need of essential items. Well if you are like me, I have already been doing this for the past three weeks, and now the days seem longer with less things to do. I took on SO MANY projects my first week “at home”. Now I’m a little burnt out and stuck being straight lazy.

So in honor of spending the next 30 days at home I put together a little  idea list of 30 things  things to do at home!


(** these are ideas I have tried myself or found through Pinterest and other social platforms, I am not taking any credit for creating or coming up with most of these ideas and I appreciate the beautiful minds that have. Links are through out the article for resources**)

Disclosure: Some of the links may be affiliate links where at no cost to you, if clicked upon I may be compensated.


    1. Plant some flowers.
      • Or weed your garden bed, mow the grass, organize the shed. Spend some time outside in the sun (if it’s there). Sunshine will do us all some good.

    2. Start a fitness challenge.
      • Pinterest and Instagram are currently thriving with the at home fitness trends. So hop on and find one, a 30 day one at that. Take a before picture and see your mini glow up after 30 days.

    3. Start a daily journal.
      • Even when it feels like your doing the same thing  every, single, day, write it down and how your feeling. This  is something to look back on twenty years from now when our current time is in history books.

    4. Paint a picture, get artsy.
    5. Organize your junk drawers.
      • We all have them whether its in the kitchen or in the bedside table, it is somewhere. Go through them and organize.

    6. Re-pot your indoor plants, or plant some indoor plants.
      • After a weird winter it will do your plants some good to get some fresh soil, and bigger pots need be.

    7. Go on a walk.
      • If your are in NC you know the weather has been absolutely beautiful so go for a walk and breathe it in. Make a playlist or just download on of Spotify’s Big Mood playlists and go!

    8. Similar to the writing journal but actually make a day to day video journal.
      • Its like a mini documentary of surviving quarantine and it can be done from your phone, I mean its already in your hands isn’t it?

    9. Go through and Marie Kondo your closet/dresser.
      • Now is the time to finally go through the clothes you’ve been holding onto for years but never wear. Make a sell pile, a donate pile and a scrap pile then bag them up.

    10. Ok that scrap pile I just told you to make? Use it for tie dye!
      • Spend a day in your back yard tie-dying your old clothes or making them into reusable totes to take grocery shopping!

    11. FaceTime with a relative or old friend you haven’t talked to in awhile.
      • I can guess they don’t have much going on and would love to hear from you!

    12. Make a hand scrub and leave it by your sink.
      • It will give you a little more motivation to wash your hands!

    13. Take out the bike and go fro a ride (if you have one of course).
      • Spring is when everything comes into bloom. The world is getting a second to breathe and renew so take advantage in being a witness and go for a nice bike ride.

    14. Meal plan.
      • The grocery stores are quite hectic currently so it is best to lay out a plan for what you are going to eat for the week and when. Try to be strategic. Make your list according to the section of the store. This was you can get in and out quick without having to be around people for too long.

    15. Meal prep.
      • That meal planning you just did? Now you finally have the chance to prep for everything you are going to cook. Chop up the veggies, make the marinades  and have everything at your fingertips when you need it.

    16. Start and finish a puzzle.
      • You have the time and though we have had great outdoor weather, there are going to be rainy days. So find a nice 750 piece puzzle and relax!

    17. Deep clean you couch/living room.
      • Our living room is our most lived in area. Take the couch covers off and throw them in the wash. Scrub some floorboards, dust, vacuum the whole 10.

    18. Now that your living room is immaculate; build a Netflix fort (or another streaming platform).
      • With The Tiger King and the new season of Ozark out might as well make a fort and watch it in style.

    19. Do a little house project.
      • Paint a room, hang a shelf or put up a back splash. The hardware stores are open and make deliveries!

    20. Give your current coffee mugs a makeover by painting or drawing with a sharpie on them.
      • A little DIY project to keep you occupied for at least a little bit of time.

    21. Foster an animal.
      • Animal shelters everywhere are in serious need of people to foster cats and dogs right now. If you are stuck at home alone, why not get a little friend to help pass the time?

    22. Make your own hand sanitizer.
      • This is harder than people think. Make sure you are paying attention to the ratio you mix together or it is almost useless. 

    23. Organize your beauty products.
      • Get rid of the expired eye shadow and moisturizers, they are just taking up space!

    24. Make a collage.
      • Got any pictures, magazines, coffee filters laying around? Grab some scissors and put together a fancy new collage or vision board for the year ahead.

    25. Macrame some plant hangers.
      • Takes a second to get use too but once you get the hang of it it’s easy peasy and it gives your plants a little glow up!

    26. Organize your fridge and pantry.
      • Make getting snacks so much for satisfying.

    27. Soak up some sun.
      • With sunscreen. Take some time to relax outside. Maybe even meditate. The earth is providing you with all the right stuff!

    28. Have a sci-fi movie marathon.
      • We have Harry Potter, Star Trek, the Avengers, shoot there’s even Twilight. Get some good snacks and a nice bottle of wine a begin.

    29. Read a book.
      • A real book. Or a kindle. Whatever you fancy. Keep your mind moving and learning as much as you can!

    30. Step up your at home self care.
      • Exfoliate. Give your self a full on mani/ pedi. Try a hair mask. Go make up free for a few days. Practice a new make up look or hairstyle.

Alright y’all there ya go, 30 things to do while you’re home with ants in your pants!

This list may not be accessible for everyone. It is just something I put together to look on and I hope you can do some of the things listed!

But most importantly stay safe, stay healthy, and stay home as much as you are able to!

Thanks for the read-


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