Getting Rid of “the Funk”

Getting Rid of “the Funk”

Get the FUNK out of here

So I catch myself occasionally slipping into what I call a “funk”. You know, bingeing Netflix series, living on a diet consisting of pasta and buttered bread and then there’s those mountains of laundry all over the place? Yes, those funks. Why do they exist? The cold weather, crazy hormones or someone knocking you down. All the reasons that I have thought about, but really all those reasons are just excuses. I honestly don’t know the true meaning behind the funk but this year I am taking said funk and shoving it up one. 

As we get older life can become more stressful with bills, babies and whatever else falls into place. I’m not saying I am a master of de-funking, I am just super familiar with being in one. I’m ready to never deal with them again. Though, that would be the perfect life we all know that life is not perfect. So in honor of the spectacular month and a half I just had here is a list of some de-funking methods made by yours truly.

  1. Own who you are in the moment. 
    1. So you might not be where you are at, you might not be anywhere close. But own it. You are you and your life is what it is. You want it to be better? Make it. Only YOU can do that. Be proud of where you are today. You are alive, and I can bet you that you are better off than you were at 16. You have a head on your shoulders and are independent. That means you have full control of YOU. Even if it doesn’t feel like it. YOU are the one living your life and who you are today MATTERS. 
  2. Cut out the NO’s.
    1.  It is cool to throw yourself a five minute pity party, go ahead and record yourself explaining why life is unfair, say it out loud, and when its done its done. It is good to speak it out even if no one is listening, You need to release what you have bottled up. Afterwards take a minute or two to reflect with what isn’t making you happy. Don’t make excuses for whatever it is. Is this part of you a sacrifice? Will it help you get to where you want to be? Is it holding you back? If there is something in your life out of habit, that has almost become natural, whether it be a job, relationship or even eating habit, and it is weighing in as a negative impact, CUT IT.
  3. Make a list.
    1. Make a list of everything you want, even material things, literally everything you want. It can be pages, it can be divided into sections just make a list. Then put that list aside for a day or two and then go back to it. What does your future (now present) self think about this list? Is everything reasonable? Do you really even want all the things you wrote down. Make your edits and then visualize yourself with every item on that list. Believe it is already yours. Now next to each item write what is keeping you from having it in that moment. It is actually harder than it sounds, but this is a good way to create paths towards getting where you want to be. Sometimes we have to break things down to the core to find the right game plan.
  4. Drink water.
    1. What water? Yes WATER. Water can help in so many ways. For one you may be dehydrated from lack of water which tends to make people lethargic and cranky. Besides the key hydration factor water helps keep hunger satisfied so that second bag of goldfish won’t be as tempting. It also does wonders for the body inside and out. It helps clear your face of imperfections and keeps skin from drying out. Dedicate one cup in your house as your water cup and treat it like your gas tank, don’t let it get below half way(until your ready to end the day that is).–Side not if your tank is on E go fill it and don’t let it get under half–.
  5. Find the littles.
    1. Everyday there are little reminders showing us glimpses of what is pure and right in the world. I know that negativity is like a tsunami over the entire world currently, but do you best to ignore it. Focus on your life and the little things around it that make it great. This will help in practicing to be mindful. When you pull up to your driveway and one leaf falls on your window, that is a little. When your kid makes that sly smirk for no reason(or at least you don’t know the reason yet) that is a little. When you are walking and catch a reflection of the sky in a building window, that is a little. The universe blesses us with so many beautiful things we take for granted daily, and all we can do is notice and say Thank You God.
  6. Be the better person.
    1. Ok the absolute struggle when one is trying to be a pathetic mush ball in bed buried under weighted blankets. But hold the door for people, volunteer to help out when the opportunity comes up, let someone know that they look nice when you know they tried. Just be a kind person. I am a believer in what goes around comes around, but it is more like you attract what you are. If you are being a little pitiful petunia then sure enough the people around you are going to absorb that energy and throw it right back. Uses your funk as fuel to be better.

Alright a short and sweet list from me to you and I hope with all my love that is helps rid you from the funk-iness. 

From one funk-er to another,

Thanks for the read!



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