On Today’s Episode of Stuck In Quarantine: Mommy + Me Tie Dye

https://amzn.to/2Vh3Ys2I think it is safe to say that tie dye has made a comeback in the last year or so and I am here for it!  Ray rocks the tie dye like no other. Seeing that we are stuck at home for the next month on quarantine I decided to make us matching tie dye sweat suits.

My original inspo was found on @thompsonkate’s personal account (definitely check her out). She has been posting some insanely cool DIY’s lately and I couldn’t pass this up! It seemed so easy and we have all the time in the world right now. With a short list of ingredients and materials we had our matching sweats in less than 24 hours. They turned out amazing and I am SUPER PROUD to say the least! Interested in a little DIY project? Here is a step by step guide and links to all the materials!

(Disclaimer: There are affiliate links throughout this post. They do no harm to you, they just provide me with some extra funds to keep on making clothes for Ray.)

Mommy + Me Tie Dye

STEp by step process
  1. Wash all the clothes in cold water and tumble dry.
  2. Once dry, it is time to “tie”.
    • For Shirts: Pick an area on the front of the sweatshirt where you want the circles center point to be. Pimch that area and turn/twist the rest of the shirt in a circle. Almost like you are winding up a cinnamon bun. ( You can use a fork to help twist just have it in the center of the circle. Wrap 4 rubber bands around your “cinnamon bun” so it looks like you have serrated 8 pizza slices.
    • For Pants: Starting from the ankle, twist in a circular motion (like the shirt) until you get to the “knee” area. Then do the same thing for the “thigh” but going in the other direction. Once both legs are completely rolled wrap four rubber bands around them so there is two on each role. (Almost like there is  an X for each leg)
  3. After you have everything folded it is time to make your die!
  4. Mix together 2 cups warm water with 1/4 cup salt.
  5. Once the salt is dissolved add a minimum of 2 TBSP of dye, the more dye the darker it will be. Try not to go over board or it will run when you wash.
  6. Add dye mixture to the spray bottle.
  7. Dip clothes into clean water to get them completely wet. This will help the dye soak inn. Ring them out afterwards so they are still wet just not drenched.
  8. Spray the dye on every other “pizza slice” for shirts and pants.
  9. Put each separate clothing item in a separate bag.
  10. Let sit overnight (at least 12 hours).
  11. After dye has set, remove from bag and rinse thoroughly. The better you rinse the less the dye will take over the entire clothing item.
  12. Put dyed clothes in the wash. Wash with cold water. Do not put them in with other clothes or they will dye the other clothing. Dry on low tumble.

Feel free to wear everyday all day, I mean its quarantine so the norm is out the door!

Thanks for the read!


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