The Quarantine Glow Up

The Quarantine Glow Up

Week one of quarantine was the week of overachieving and now here we are at week four not knowing when we we last showered let alone what day it is. At this point I think a lot of us have hit a funk. Everyday is on repeat and it gets harder and harder to find things to enjoy. Well it is time to SNAP OUT OF IT SISTER. Get your quarantine glow up on so when all this is said and done you can come out like a radiant unicorn that we all have hiding somewhere in the knots of our messy buns. We have been blessed (just like Mother Earth herself) to renew and refresh our selves. We have the time to create GOOD habits to make us the 11/10 that we were born to be. Let’s put the Doritos down and grab some water and a hydrating face mask to shrink those pores back to non existence.


How to Have A Glow up


HYDRATE: First things first get that same cup you always do and fill it to the rim with water, now drink it. 
  • DRINK at least 6 cups of water a day. Yes we should be drinking 8 but when you are living off of iced coffee and Dr. Pepper we are going to start a slow transition. Speaking of soda, say buh-bye, you don’t need it, get a seltzer if your craving carbonation. So make it 3 solid days of AT LEAST 6 cups and then step your game up to 8.
  • While we are on this topic start your morning with a warm cup of lemon water, or a green tea with lemon. This will give you the glow we are talking about and help with any bloating.
HYGIENE: Have some form of water hit your face everyday.
  • Get in the water (I hope you read that in Noah’s voice from the notebook). But for real take a shower. Wash your face every day. EVERY DAY. I am a female who likes to burn my flesh off every time I shower but I have learned to stop this sense of pleasure due to my skin being dryer than the Sahara. Take lukewarm showers, it is better for your skin.
  • With that make sure you are moisturizing when you are out of the shower too. Though it feels like the same day is on repeat we are getting older everyday and our skin is aging too so let’s slow that down.
    • My favorite -cheap- summertime moisturizer that is Gold Bond’s Whipped Shae Butter. It does the job for holding onto a tan and keeps the skin tight.
    • For face moisturizer make sure it has at least 30 SPF (something like Olay Facial Moisturizer). The beaches may be blocked off but those crows feet are still going to show up if you don’t protect your face.

Create a skincare routine. Apply a face mask at least twice a week. I like to focus my masks around glow. Ya know, to get rid of the corpse bride look. My current favorite is the Pixi Glow Mud Mask.

  • Do a hair mask, like once a month if you can. Or just put some coconut, jojoba or castor oil to your roots for a good thirty minutes every two weeks. Your hair will be living its life in luxury.
  • To finish us off with a crowd favorite, apply the Carmex. Keep your lips plump and full by using a lip scrub, you can make one at home with honey, sugar and peppermint oil.
Eat Right + Exercise: Move your body more than just walking to the fridge.
  • If you are walking to the fridge mights as well make them lunges. We want the perky booties but they won’t come from doing nothing. Find a work out routine or make up your own. Spend 20 minutes bettering your body. 
  • Here is my little make-shift workout I do 3x a week:
  • Go for a walk everyday. Get outside for 20 minutes every day and walk. You can run if you are one of those reach for the stars people, but your body will just be happy it is moving. AND walking/running for a decent amount of time burns so many calories, also an excuse to wear that new pair of biker shorts you just bought.
  • Get a full nights sleep. Set a go-to-sleep alarm on your phone. Sleep in the dark without the tv on. Let your mind, body and soul rest.
  • By golly if you are spending precious minutes of your life working out and exercising you better be feeding your body the right stuff!
    • EAT YOUR FRUITS AND VEGGIES, yes they are better for keeping a healthy way but there are so many more benefits.
    • Blueberries, strawberries, oranges, kiwis sweet potatoes and broccoli have a ton of Vitamin C in them. Vitamin C is what helps produce COLLAGEN. We want all the collagen for strong hair and healthy bright skin.
  • Cut out the sugar and as much processed food as you can. If you want something sweet eat some dehydrated mango, make a mermaid smoothie or a protein shake and get your sweet tooth while nurturing your body for the temple that it is must be taken care of.
  • For the ease of mind and ability to eat right create a weekly meal plan with a shopping list. DO NOT GO GROCERY SHOPPING WITHOUT A LIST. It wastes money and you buy things that are not good for you. Be smart, I know you are.
AFFIRMATIONS: Because you are already beautiful
  • Every time you see your reflection tell yourself something nice. Find the littles that you love. Is it your long lashes? Your nail beds? Your hair? Remind yourself. If anything take 1 minute in the morning and tell yourself all about how smart, funny and adorable you are. Maybe its your body that wants to hear it. But start the day off on a positive note!



Do this from now until the end of time ( or just try it for month and see how you feel) and you will be radiating through life with the upmost powerful glow.


Thanks for the read!


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