Mother’s Day Cocktails (and Mocktails): Because Mama Deserves It

Mother’s Day Cocktails (and Mocktails): Because Mama Deserves It

With Mother’s Day coming up this weekend it seems like the perfect time to post some yummy cocktails. Becoming a mom has definitely gave me an entirely new perspective on the female population. Parenting is no easy task by any means but it comes with the most genuine rewards of bear hugs, slobbery kisses and “luh oo’s”. Motherhood means many responsibilities. By some magical power in the universe Mom’s kick a** at taking care of all things under the sun and manage to take care of their own selves at the same time.

Mothers are there no matter what. It doesn’t take blood to make someone a mother either. It takes love and that is all. Well almost all, there is still the endless loads of laundry, car rides to the park, baby shark on repeat and mind reading on knowing what to cook for dinner that will actually be ate. What can I say? Mom’s are the over used gems that never lose their shine. So why not toast to all the mom’s and moms-to-be? It is an entire day dedicated celebrating all things MOM, MAMA, MAA, MOM, MAMA, MOMMM!

Here is a list of cocktails and mock-tails to make for Mom this Sunday:

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It will be hard to pick just one! Good thing it is an all day event. In all seriousness these drinks are a sweet (and salty) gesture to show Mom you care. But in reality just getting to spend time with family (as stress free as possible) is all Mom really wants. 

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Thanks for the read! I would love to hear about any traditions you have for Mother’s Day, feel free to comment below.


Much love!!

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