Veggie Inspired 7-Day Meal Plan

Veggie Inspired 7-Day Meal Plan

Dubbing 2020 the year of eating at home so why not have weekly meal ideas for anyone looking? Meal plans are mystical things. Without them we can get lost with thinking of what to cook and it saves from all that fresh produce going to waste.

My focus is healthy and family friendly. Cooking for children is HARD. Luckily, I have a spunky yet super stubborn  one-year-old I can do a pass or fail test with before listing any recipes. This week we focused on more of a plant based diet. Something to note, we do not eat very much meat in our house. I am pescatarian but my fiancé and daughter will eat meat if its prepared correctly. Nevertheless I am crazy about getting plant sourced protein! Seriously, we are busy bodies and I need all the energy I can get. 

If you are looking for more meal ideas you can check out past meal plans here. 

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