About Me


My name is Kirsten. 

I am 26-years-old and in the cross stage of youth and adulthood(or finding a balance between the two). I live on the beautiful east coast in a small southern beach town called Wilmington, NC.  Taking care of my body and exploring the world around me are two huge passions of mine. I am a HUGE supporter for local business and art. The last couple years taught me so much about myself and how important it is to find joy in every day.

Starting out my adult years I was a craft-beer-drinking-tattoo-loving wild child. Today you could call me a mindful-chemotherapy-treated-health-nut. I’m engaged to my honeys, Matthew, and we recently brought our greatest creation into the world,  baby Ray. She is our tiny miracle that we didn’t see coming. Prior to being pregnant I just hit my one-year mark for being in remission for leukemia. Cancer sucks but it pointed me to the mindset to the make the best of any situation and ignore the bullshit. If you want to read more about my diagnoses you can check out this post.

I am here to share what I love and what I learn (and love) about health, food, travel and life as a mom (with a few diy and photography tips here and there) to hopefully give some enlightenment to those in wonder! Feel free to drop in every once in or keep up to date with my posts and newsletters by subscribing!